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My work has been cited in scholarly articles and a number of media. I frequently speak at international conferences and seminars, and write for newspaper columns and policy blogs.



The future of work report has been cited in a number of English language media, including trade for all, press reader, new times, etc. The report will be available in major book stores including Amazon and Blackwell this fall. My blog articles about business tax inspection, and industry 4.0 have been been cited in a number of media outlets around the world, including the voice Barcelona, Business report in the US, Star Early Edition of South Africa. Perhaps the most cited blog article of mine is the one on the cost estimation of country recognition. Last, I wrote for and was interviewed by some of the Korean media outlets including 매일경제, 디지탈 타임즈, 조선비즈.


Oxford University (CSAE), Oxford University (TMD), Kennedy School of Government-Harvard University, Center of International Development (CID)-Harvard University, International Finance Corporation, International Monetary Fund, United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), African Development Bank, World Bank Annual Conference in Development Economics, World Bank (Development Economics Research, Chief Economist office for MENA, Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice), Brookings Institute, Bank of Korea Washington DC office, Institution of Unification - Seoul National University). My co-authored papers were also presented at Boston University, Columbia University, GSEMUniversity of Geneva, London Business School, Queen Mary University of London, TCD/LSE/CEPR Workshop in Development Economics, 7th IPA SME Program meeting, IIPF 2017 Conference in Tokyo, Bolzano Applied Micro Workshop, NEUDC 2017, NYU EPED Workshop, Public Finance in Developing Countries Workshop, SSHRC Workshop on Commodities, Wellbeing and Institutions, SSDEV 2017.


UK Economics and Social Research Council (ESRC), Department for International Development (DfID)