Policy Work

Over my 17-year career working with governments, international organizations and private sectors, I advised policy makers of 30+ countries from fragile state to high income economies.

  • While working as the World Bank's Senior Country Economist for China where I managed projects on fiscal policies and economic reforms, and lead policy dialogues with the government in the areas of trade, FDI, macro-fiscal reforms and digital economy.

  • Previously, with the World Bank, I worked as a Senior Economist with the Office of Chief Economist, Africa Region, where I produced a policy report on the Future of Work in Africa, which has been downloaded more than 5,000 times, and cited in a number of media outlets. I also conducted research on Digital Economy and Global Value Chains issues in Africa.

  • Prior to that, with the World Bank’s Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice, Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, I advised multiple transitional economies at the highest government level on designing and evaluating their economic policies for integration, regulatory reforms and growth, and I managed investment and policy support projects.

  • With African Development, I worked as a country economist for Egypt throughout the 2011 Arab Spring where I coordinated international development partners’ support for the country's transition and monitored macroeconomic trends.

  • I wrote a book, Comparative studies of export and industrial policies in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and South Korea. I also managed large infrastructure and PPP projects for the sub-Saharan African countries. I joined the AfDB as a Young Professional and as the first South Korean staffer of the AfDB since 1982 when Korea became a member.

  • With Samsung Electronics, I oversaw the implementation of large telecommunication infrastructure projects in China and ran a local post in Hanoi, Vietnam. In fact, I was one of the first Samsung staff working on telecommunication sector in Vietnam, which has now become the largest export sector of the country. I worked as a liaison with the major telecom operators and governments, and analyzed the ICT regulation and licensing policies of multiple governments.

Selected Investment and Policy Support Projects

  • Managed projects on fiscal policies and economic reforms, and leading policy dialogues with the government in the areas of trade, FDI, and macro-fiscal reforms, China

  • Designed and Implemented Competitiveness and Export Readiness lending (US$16m), with National Quality Infrastructure, export matching grants and inspection system reform components, Kosovo

  • Managed IFC's investment climate and policy advisory program (US$2.3m) and supported the development of new Investment Law and Investment Promotion Activities, Albania

  • Supported the Re-unification Negotiation and Analyzed the Economic Impact of the Re-unification, Cyprus

  • Advised on exchange rate liberalization and its impact on competitiveness, Uzbekistan

  • Analyzed the Opportunities and Constraints of the Eurasian Customs Union Accession, Kyrgyzstan

  • Developed the National Private Sector Development Strategy, Kyrgyzstan

  • Supported Regulatory Impact Assessments and Advised on Competition Policy, Kazakhstan

  • Coordinated a large group of experts and identified the areas in which International Financial Institutions could urgently support the transition during the 2011 Arab Spring in Egypt, and monitored macroeconomic developments, Egypt

  • Advised Export and Industrial Policies, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia

  • Designed policy-based operations to enhance business environment, Zambia

Research Achievements

While working, I wrote applied research studies on firms, R&D policies, innovation, productivity, trade, foreign direct investment, global value chains, industrial organization and regulation of telecom infrastructure services. My publications are listed in my CV. My work has been cited in scholarly articles and a number of media. I frequently speak and participate at conferences and seminars. As a Teaching Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, I taught courses on econometrics and finance in their Master in Public Policy program. As a Research Associate, I advised Oxford's Technology and Management Center for Development (TMCD) on its interdisciplinary research agenda. As a Visiting Professor, I currently teach at Seoul National University's Graduate School of International Studies.

Discussing how to promote women amidst the changing nature of work, on a Catalyst panel at Lockheed Martin, 2019

Debating the Future of Work, panel session at the Brookings Institute, 2019

Visiting the Ministry of Finance, China, 2019

Preparing for the Regional Innovation Forum for Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries, 2017

Border crossing checkpoint between North and South Cyprus - taken while supporting the Cyprus reunification negotiation, 2015

Supervising infrastructure projects in the field, Egypt, 2012

Disseminating key findings of my report, Comparative Studies on Export policies between North Africa and South Korea, Tunisia, 2011

Trying to identify export items to diversify economy, Burkina Faso, 2008