Jieun Choi


CV / Email: jieunchoi2020@gmail.com

I am an economic policy practitioner, working with governments, international organizations, and the private sector on policies and projects to boost trade, growth, jobs and inclusion. Throughout my career, I have advised and supported the policy makers of multiple countries, at the highest levels of government, from fragile states to high-income economies in multiple regions, including Asia, Europe and Africa.


  • Currently, I am a Vice Chairman of the Policy Committee, and the International Spokeperson for the ruling Democratic Party of the Republic of Korea.

  • Until February 2020, I was with the World Bank's Senior Country Economist for China where I managed projects on fiscal policies and economic reforms, and lead policy dialogues with the government in the areas of trade, FDI, macro-fiscal reforms and digital economy.

  • Previously, with the World Bank, I worked as a Senior Economist with the Office of Chief Economist, Africa Region, where I produced a policy report on the Future of Work in Africa, which has been downloaded more than 5,000 times, and cited in a number of media outlets. I also conducted research on Digital Economy and Global Value Chains issues in Africa.

  • Prior to that, with the World Bank’s Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice, Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, I advised multiple transitional economies at the highest government level on designing and evaluating their economic policies for integration, regulatory reforms and growth, and I managed investment and policy support projects.

  • With African Development, I worked as a country economist for Egypt throughout the 2011 Arab Spring where I coordinated international development partners’ support for the country's transition and monitored macroeconomic trends.

  • I wrote a book, Comparative studies of export and industrial policies in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and South Korea. I also managed large infrastructure and PPP projects for the sub-Saharan African countries. I joined the AfDB as a Young Professional and as the first South Korean staffer of the AfDB since 1982 when Korea became a member.

  • With Samsung Electronics, I oversaw the implementation of large telecommunication infrastructure projects in China and ran a local post in Hanoi, Vietnam. In fact, I was one of the first Samsung staff working on telecommunication sector in Vietnam, which has now become the largest export sector of the country. I worked as a liaison with the major telecom operators and governments, and analyzed the ICT regulation and licensing policies of multiple governments.

Research Achievements

While working, I wrote applied research studies on firms, R&D policies, innovation, productivity, trade, foreign direct investment, global value chains, industrial organization and regulation of telecom infrastructure services. My publications are listed in my CV. My work has been cited in scholarly articles and a number of media. I frequently speak and participate at conferences and seminars. As a Teaching Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, I taught courses on econometrics and finance in their Master in Public Policy program. As a Research Associate, I currently advise Oxford's Technology and Management Center for Development (TMCD) on its interdisciplinary research agenda. I hold a PhD from Oxford and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and International Development (MPA/ID) from Harvard Kennedy School.

I am a native Korean speaker, and fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, and conversational-level French.